Yes . . . I am still here

Where Have You Been HidingSorry it has been ages and ages since I have posted. A lot of stuff has been going on to keep me away from this blog including a move, a job change, my wife starting an e-commerce business, etc., etc. I have been carrying on with my online enterprises as much as my time would allow. My main focus has been pruning some of my smaller niche sites that have been under performing. If a website is earning barely enough to cover the domain registration costs then I figure its a good time to let it go.

Rather than simply trash all of these small micro niche sites I decided to try and salvage the content. In most cases the content was written by outsourced writers and I didn’t want to have that money thrown away. In order to reuse the content I decided to try an idea I first heard about on an Empire Flippers podcast. Basically I found an expired domain with good page rank and link juice from GoDaddy Auctions for about $50. The original site was about a jazz musician but the domain name was generic sounding and the link profile was great.

Once I set up a basic WordPress site I started migrating the failed micro niche sites over. I sat up a 301 redirect from the old domains back to the new domain. I used the WordPress import/export tool to bring across all the posts. Basically each micro niche sites would get set up under a single WordPress category on the new domain. I would try to migrate across one site every 3 – 4 days to avoid having a bunch of 301’s getting created all at once.

The results have been great so far. Traffic is pretty high and the earnings on the new site were quite far beyond the sum of earnings on the original sites. I think the original sites individually had only 5 – 10 posts each and probably appeared very “thin” to the search engines. The new site has a large number of posts and also gets some link credits from the 301s coming from the original sites.

The only other noteworthy event was another purchase from Empire Flippers vetted sites marketplace. The site I purchased only makes about 20% of its earnings from Adsense with the remainder coming from the Amazon affiliate program. I am really in favor of not having all my eggs in one basket with Adsense. Also an Amazon affiliate site is a much different creature than a pure Adsense site. It is giving me a chance to learn new things in the world of internet marketing. So far the site is way under performing the advertised figures but I have only owned it around 30 days or so. One very important extra benefit from the site purchase is getting a chance to see first hand how a successful Amazon site works. I was able to copy some of the techniques from the purchased sites and work them into the design of some of my other niche sites. I am basically transforming some of my product oriented niche sites into full blown Amazon affiliate review sites. In a couple of cases my transformed sites are outperforming the purchased sites which I lifted the techniques from! This is probably something I will delve into a bit more in a future post.



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September 2013 Niche Site Income Report

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August 2013 Niche Site Income Report

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